Self-Care and Exam Preparation

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Do you feel stressed about upcoming exams and assignments? Do not worry! It is totally normal to feel a little nervous. We have some tips to help you prepare better and to reduce your stress for next week.

Exam Preparation

Getting ready for a test but not sure where to start studying? The Learning Portal is a perfect place to start.
Their page called Study Tips has lots of useful tips to guide you in your studying and test-taking.

Your peer mentors from last semester have put together their very own study tips to help you succeed. Check out their suggestions in this document. Since they are also Hanson students themselves, they will know how to help you be a successful student at our school! Book an appointment by emailing them at today.

Excellent time management skills help you succeed and prepare better for exams. Watch a video by Louis, our Academic Assistant, to learn how to incorporate time management skills into your studies.

Take a course on Memorization Strategies with PrepStep to learn how to better retain the information you are learning in your classes.


Exam stress or anxiety is one of the main reasons you need self-care. We have selected 6 fundamental ways to practice self-care in your everyday life if you are new to this concept.
Our peer mentors from last semester also shared their self-care tips: F20 Self-care tips from peer mentors.

As your stress and anxiety intensifies, it will become more challenging to stay focused on your studies. Stress can also impact your physical and emotional well-being by interfering with your sleep or moods. Read this article to learn more about what stress is and how it affects you. Try some of the activities at the end of this article to reduce stress.

Here are other ways to reduce stress and anxiety:

  • Have you tried breathing and grounding exercises? Learn more about them in this article. Here are two examples to start:
  • Practice mindfulness. Practice staying in this present moment. Our Student Wellness Coordinator Lorraine has some tips for you.
  • Our Student Wellness Coordinator Lorraine has also talked about test anxiety in one of her sessions. Spend the next 5 minutes by following this guided visualization to reduce test anxiety.
  • Instead of anxiety and stress, let’s take some time to focus on HAPPINESS. We have 7 tips for you here, as well as Lorraine’s tips here.

More resources:

  • Book an appointment with Raman, our counsellor. She is available every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Our Student Wellness Coordinator Lorraine has shared a lot of great resources. Check out her past presentations and join her sessions on Wednesdays! Look for the Zoom link in Schoology, Instagram stories, and the Hanson BC Event Page.
  • We have also gathered online and free mental health resources for you. Feel free to browse.

Good luck!

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