F20 Reading Week Workshops

Hello all Hanson College students! We hope you are doing well with your midterm exams. Keep up the good work and push through. You are halfway done with the semester!

It is now your reading week and the Academic department has prepared four special workshops for your academic success. Join Louis, Manda, and Sonja for their Zoom workshops that will provide you with essential learning skills for your academic achievement.

1) Do not just learn to read, but learn to read BETTER with the Reading Skills workshop with Louis.

2) In the Graduation Requirements session with Manda, we will give you more information about GPA, prerequisite courses, withdrawal/special schedules, etc. and how it affects your graduation.

3) Have you been notified of a cheating/plagiarism charge? Do you want to learn how you can avoid unintentionally cheating/plagiarizing? Join Sonja in her Understanding Cheating and Plagiarism workshop to educate yourself.

4) Having trouble with deadlines? Not sure when to start an assignment? Learn to manage your time by following simple steps in the Time Management workshop with Louis.

If you have any questions you can contact the Academic department at: academicsbc@hansoncollege.com.

Enjoy your reading break.

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