College Success: Exam Preparation

You’ve made it to midterms! This week’s theme is all about study tips to help you ace your tests so check out these resources below!

Time Management: Excellent time management skills help you succeed and prepare better for exams. Watch a video by Louis, our Academic Assistant, to learn how to incorporate time management skills into your studies.

Peer Mentors: Need help with a specific subject? Want someone to study with? Contact one of your peer mentors today to set-up an appointment!

Study Tips: Getting ready for a test but not sure where to start studying? The Learning Portal has lots of useful tips to guide you in your studying and test-taking.

Memorization Strategies: Take a course with PrepStep to learn how to better retain the information you are learning in your classes.

Student Tips: Our peer mentors from the Spring semester put together their very own study tips to help you succeed. Check out their suggestions here.

If you have questions or would like more resources, contact Student Services at!

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