4 Must-Have Apps for Students

We use our cellphones everyday. You probably use your phone for things like Instagram, Schoology or to play Candy Crush (I’m on level 379 BTW)! There are thousand of APPS available to download, as well as many helpful websites. As a student it’s important to keep yourself organized and try your hardest to be successful at school.

Here are 4 APPS that will make student life easier and more efficient for you!


Quizlet is a website and an APP that helps students with studying through flash cards and other learning tools. You can search the app for study set already made by other students/ instructors or you can make your own! This app would be helpful for Tourism students because it has geography, cruise line, and other tourism related flash cards. If you are using pre-made flash cards you should make sure they are relevant to your course and that the answers match what your instructor teaches you!  Download the APP and browse all the study cards available! Quizlet has found that “over 90% of students who use [the app] report higher grades!”

Quizlet for Apple 
Quizlet for Andriod


GoodBudget is an APP that will help you track your expenses and help you budget your money better. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of your bills, income, and payments. This APP makes it easier to keep track of everything and see it visually all in one place.

GoodBudget for Apple
GoodBudget for Android


Quetext in an online PLAGIARISM checker. Plagiarism is a huge deal at Hanson and can result in a failed assignment or even class. In order to avoid plagiarism, you can use this website to check your work. Just copy and paste your paragraphs or essays, and this website will let you know if your work is original or copied from somewhere else. You are allowed to use text from different sources as long as you CITE your work correctly. The website will give you a tutorial on how the site works when you insert your first paragraph for checking!

Quetext Website


As mentioned above, if you are going to use text from the internet, book, magazine or even video, you need to CITE it correctly. Depending on what form of citation your teacher requires, you will follow that format. The most popular forms of citation are MLA, APA, and Chicago. Here are two website that can help formulate the correct citations for your papers and assignments. Just choose your format, then what type of publication you are getting your information from, a website, book, etc., then insert the URL or ISNB and click create citation.  Remember to double check your citation and make sure the website created them correctly. Don’t just copy and paste, make sure you look it over and check to see if it’s correct.

Citation Machine Website
Bibme Website

Hopefully these 4 APPS/ Websites will help you throughout your time at Hanson! If you have any questions feel free to come to the Student Services office!


By Liza Lewis

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