5 Ways to do Creative Presentations

In today’s world of technology, everyone wants more creativeness in your work. We all have to do some presentations in every course. People dislike boring presentations. So, why not we bring some creativity to our presentations?

Here are some ways which you can make your boring presentations more interesting and enjoyable for your audience as well as yourself.


Never read from the PowerPoint slides. You should only have bullet points with some impressive and important keywords on your slides. Explain each word/ concept, use these words as triggers for your presentation. You should spend more time on choosing the good words rather than on putting big description on your slides.


Move your hands while presenting. Point out the pictures, charts or graphs on your slides. Let audience know what you are talking about. Use some gestures, make your face expressions talk with you when you are talking about something. Hands should be used to highlight your face expressions.


Images have a power to express your words more than bullet points. It adds more creativity to your work if you add visual aids in your presentations. Use pictures to emphasize your topic. Take over the whole screen with the picture that helps explains your point and relates to what you are talking about.


Do some research on your topic, understand it and then make your notes and slides. If you just add a bunch of words in your presentation and know nothing, this can make your audience point out things you don’t know. So, it’s better to be prepared before and be able to answer the questions from your audience. Being prepared helps you feel confident in your work. Also, try and practice your speech in front of the mirror before presenting in class, this can help you as a power booster.


Feel proud that you have researched the topic and picked the best parts of it to present. If someone in the audience points out a mistake in your work, just own it and acknowledge that you made an error. We are all in college learning and trying to get better. Confidence and humility brings great value to you and your work.

By Roowalpreet Kaur

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